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Bleach Vol What They Say Immediately after checking into the Kurosaki Clinic with a mysterious scar on his back, the muscle bound Chad goes AWOL. Accompanying Chad is a talking parakeet imbued with the soul of a young boy named Yuichi. It doesn't take newbie Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki long to surmise that a Hollow must be involved. By far the strongest spirit he's faced to date,date, cheap Steelers jerseys china Ichigo is about to discover that not every soul is bound for the Soul Society, especially if it's tainted with innocent blood. The ReviewFor the front cover we get the JP cover artwork with a headshot of Rukia. The English logo is the same as the JP logo in the same position at the top. The Shonen Jump label is present in small text at the bottom right along with the creator name. The back cover has great character artwork of the whole high school crew, it the color version of the first chapter header in this volume. Inside there is the artwork from the JP sleeve along with a few words from Kubo about how he needs to lose some weight. For extras we get a funny page with a sketch of the CANDY PACKAGE CATALOGUE and a couple character profiles of Orihime and Chad that include original character sketches. There was a bit of ink smudging in the beginning of the volume, but other than that the print job seems pretty decent with black tones have minimal fading. There is so much personality that emanates from his designs, and not just from the actual story but the chapter headers as well. It great to see an artist put that much care into creating the characters and I think helps add another dimension to some of the characters who we don know much about at this point. I still not sold on the Hollow designs, but the action scenes and panel work was improved slightly in this volume. There was a bit more background detail added during the action scenes which helps with gaining a perspective. I still don care for the retouch here because the English text covers up more artwork than the original SFX. Since Kubo uses such big SFX in his panels, it would have been preferable to have small subtitling if they needed to be on the page. The dialogue for all the characters has been translated and adapted in way that definitely retains their personalities. The only translation quirk II wholesale Steelers cheap jerseys have is that both Konpaku and Soul are used interchangeably, which I found to be a little inconsistent. Contents (Watch out spoilers ahead): For fans of Chad and Rukia, the first half of Bleach will be a real treat. The two team up to take on a Hollow who during his past life was a serial killer. The Hollow is a real nasty one, but with the hilarious teamwork of Chad and Rukia they are able to stall the Hollow from swallowing any souls until Ichigo arrives in time to destroy it. Only this time, the cleansed Hollow doesn go back to the Soul Society. The gates of Hell are opened and Ichigo learns about those souls who are forever damned. Not all of the Hollows that Ichigo is fighting will make it into the Soul Society. I loved seeing Chad in action during the battle with the Hollow. The way he poses after each punch and kickkick wholesale Steelers jerseys is a riot, and I still crack a smile looking at hishis Steelers jerseys cheap outfit: paisley shirt, flare legged pants, and pointed leather boots. The other story in this volume succeeds at giving some panel time to a lot of the side characters that makes this story so special. Rukia makes a run to the Soul Reaper merchant, Urahara, who is a mysterious man in a brimmed hat and wooden sandals who seems to do a bit more than just deal Soul Reaper goods. Rukia picks up a bunch of Gikongan, substitute soul pills, which allows Ichigo to be a Soul Reaper while placing a proxy soul in his empty body. The problem is the pills are defective and Ichigo proxy, a Mod Konpaku, is a leftover from a Soul Society experiment gone wrong. The action and story line here is weaker than the previous one, but again, the strength here lies in the mix of fun characters and quirky humor. It is also during this story that Rukia and Ichigo seem to be building a certain bond towards each other. They make wise cracks with each other and definitely seem to be acting more like a team. By the end of the volume I felt that there had been some growth on Ichigo part, he no longer was the bad attitude punk fromfrom cheap Steelers jerseys free shipping the first pages of the opening volume. Rukia still steals the show with her funny observations and strange Soul Reaper gadgets, but this volume does allow some of the other great side characters a chance to shine. If I didn love these characters as much as I do, Bleach most likely wouldn be as enjoyable.