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boyfriends' shirt dress version 1 Well, in this case it is more accurate to call it Goodwill shirt dress, but I like the name, emphasis on where the apostrophe is placed. And how fun would this be with old boyfriend/husband/father/grandfather shirts? After spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest, researching other people shirt/skirt modifications, I feel pretty pleased with myself for my own variation on the theme. This was my first go round so there are some improvements to be made. I thought I was going to hem it evenly and shorter, but in the end, I liked the uneven shirttail hem. SO, for the next one, I would line up the shirt hems for the bottom of the dress. Also, there a little gaping going on in thethe wholesale Eagles cheap jerseys top. This morning I was ambitiously thinking of a little embroidery along the button placket. Another possibility is replacing the simple shirt buttons with fabric covered buttons or something with a little more pizazz. As usual, I have a hard time figuring out when to stop, whenwhen cheap Eagles jerseys china enough is enough. Recipe: 4 men XL shirts + elastic. (sewing machine, thread, rotary cutter, scissors, pins, of course). I did know I wanted a skirt with a little moremore Eagles jerseys cheap variety than one or even twotwo cheap Eagles jerseys free shipping men shirts. With three men XL shirts as the skirt, I was dealing with a lot of fabric. I wanted to keep the buttons and pockets of all the shirts, but ended up cutting out panels, vaguely A line, and might have a whole skirt worth of fabric left. Shirt fabric is a little thin for a skirt, so another option would just be to make a double layer or wrap for the skirt and have a little more layeringlayering Eagles jerseys china going on. Since there is a row of buttons from top to bottom, it would be possible to make this dress more fitted. It nice to have the option of relying on existing buttons, rather than having to put in a zipper or more buttons. I cut rather deep on the neckline and ended up feeling like an elasticized neckline would be good for modesty sake, not to mention that I liked the peasant top feeling of the sleeves. I see this pattern often in children clothes and have even made a few dresses for the adorable girl in such styles. While I love the style and the look you get from the many lovely floral fabrics out there, a part of me worried that I was too old for the look. But I think the men shirt stripes bring a different less hippie feeling to the dress. The belt is four of the sleeves sewn together into one long line, with cuffs at either end and two cuffs meeting in the middle. They just tie at the back (or front if you like), and look as if I just tied a shirt around my waist. the end, I like the combination of tailored men stripes with the peasant dress style, not to mention the fact that the construction ended up being simpler than I thought after someone who knows better dissuaded me from going the pin tuck route.