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Controversial tee shirt finally nixed by local police officers association Academy of Sciences Exhibit, San Francisco, Sept. Academy of Sciences Exhibit, San Francisco, Sept. 29. In Sacramento, a Twin Rivers area Police Officers Association has apologized and 'nixed' the controversial tee shirt that reads "U raise 'em. Sometimes fundraisers backfire when public opinion stands up to free speech as to what is appropriate to put on a tee shirt to raise funds for the widows and orphans of fallen police officers. Also see the KCRA Sacramento news video, "T shirt controversy." Do you think the tee shirt was a disgrace? View the video at the site of the article which shows what the tee shirt looks like. It's a black tee shirt with white letters showing a young child behind jail or prison bars. What was the controversial shirt supposed to symbolize? Finally, one ofof Raptors jerseys cheap the California police officers associations said it has stopped selling controversial T shirts bearing an image of a young child behind bars. The tee shirts, illustrated the Twin Rivers Police Officers Association logo on the front and the picture of the child on the back with the message "U raise 'em, we cage 'em." The tee shirts were designed in 29 as a fundraiser for families of fallen officers, the Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday. See the Fox40 news article, The union that represents Twin Rivers School District Police Officers. The fundraiser backfired as the public didn't like the image of the police the tee shirts 'illustrated.' In fact the union chief a year ago had found that the tee shirts were being sold online and had asked the union to remove the tee shirts from the union website. The union takes full responsibility. The shirts have drawn sharp criticism from community leaders and child advocates. So why is the tee shirt in the news now? Why were the tee shirts not in the news last year? Basically, even though the child depicted behind bars on the tee shirt did not symbolize any specific group of people, the idea of a kid behind bars, a child perhaps around kindergarten age or at least under age 9, is not acceptable. California has a Child Advocacy Institute. Just in the name of children's rights, it's not acceptable to take a 'generic' picture of a young child and depict the boy behind bars with the slogan, "U raise 'em. We cage 'em." How about a fundraiser instead with a slogan about educating kids to their maximum potential or something similar to not letting kids fall through the cracks in kindergarten? Why do tee shirts have to depict a kid's picture at all? That photo was of somebody's child. It wasn't a cartoon image of aa cheap Raptors jerseys from china stuffed toy such as a puppy. Caging kids is abusive, even the idea of it, as the face of the child depicted a kid between five and 9 yearsyears cheap Raptors jersey of age or so. Maybe "sage"sage cheap Raptors jerseys free shipping 'em" would have implied imparting wisdom by life experienced peace officers to the young instead of the words "cage 'em." Nobody wants to be raisedraised cheap Raptors jerseys china and caged. Not even chickens. But some kids would like to be saged and amazed. And job hunters would like to be paged and waged. Raised and caged sounds too much like tased and hazed. According to the article, "Police nix controversial T shirts," the Twin Rivers Unified Superintendent who oversees the police department, said he has not decided whether any disciplinary action will be taken. If you were the parent of the kid in the photo, what would you have to say? When does free speech draw the line at what will sell as a fundraiser for families of fallen officers? What do you think would be well received by the public on a tee shirt, if anything, instead that would be in good taste and still have public appeal? Check out the news stories on the tee shirt at: Twin Rivers Police Union T Shirt: "U Raise ' Em, We Cage ' Em" KTXL. View the uTube video: Twin Rivers Police Union Responds To Controversial T Shirt. See the November 1, 2011 Sacrmento Bee article, Sacto 9 1 1: Controversial T shirts puts Twin Rivers Police.