AFGE Firefighters At A Glance

"Thanks ringleader , for now this and other situations , you mean ? " Wood Lan Cang face mouth mysterious smile.

Xie Danqiong Cheap soccer Jerseys from china smile: " xiemou handsome wood 'd want to hear what you are going to ."

Wood Lan Cang laughed and said : " I am actually does not matter how , just a little worried , and now this situation , only with a person's face Xie ringleader , I'm afraid also really may not be able to appease maintained ."

Xie Danqiong one of the heavenly Court heard suddenly the hearts of a tight crowd .

Wood Lan Cang meaning of this statement is very clear: he wants to have the final say . Just do not know how ringleader say thanks ?

If Xie ringleader first step back from the dagger , then himself , who even broke the head is useless , does not help.

Wood Lan Cang people there heard it is Wholesale Cheap nfl Jerseys the spirit of startled, looked Xie Danqiong Shining eyes , and see how he respond .

Xie Danqiong Minzui smile , said: " ? ? ! I do not know how it 's going to conquer the world to decide their fate , is also used to get when we face the fist has always been used to it."

This sentence implies full tit for tat .

Says the same meaning clear : Although you at the last moment to reverse the situation , but I will not easily surrender power in the hands !

Mo to see the two words against each other, but in reality are very hearts of some frustration with each other .

Wood Lan Cang is respected not false, but Xie Danqiong climate now become !