AFGE Firefighters At A Glance

Two hit it off , just tantamount partner all sports Jerseys For Sale played a drama. But this drama , but it is very necessary ; ink the sky for the future , but also tantamount to lay a solid foundation !

Early the next day .

Lan Cang sit tight timber in the military , full consolidation, start point , ready to instantly Expedition !

And a crusade against evil demons devil 's call to arms , but also at the same time , the announcement of the world !

Mexican sky Heaven per day limit but evil demons demons sneak into Heaven Que intent overturning the world !

" ...... Demons raging hard times ; guilty I Zixiao , loss of life ...... more extra-territorial demons sneak Tianque early on , I want to do great things ...... ink per day limit Timor sky , but demons devil , once burst , the world is shaking ! "

"Seven Nuisance rose guard Tu magic , demons however brutal , scheming, abusing five kings ; Today, I ink the sky rebel rise , the potential to Zhuchu devil, but also my ink cloud sky ! "

" Slayer Wei Road , is everyone's responsibility ! Wiped out demons , is even more pressing ! Mexican sky millions of years of humiliation , wash it in now ! "

" Lofty ideals ...... "

Call to arms pile pieces , listing the demons of guilt , but from shallow into deep analysis per -day limit identity until clear. People do not have the slightest doubt.

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