AFGE Firefighters At A Glance

Day goes day , the country all sports Jerseys For Sale goes monarch ; while the army nor the said two handsome ~ !

Otherwise, even temporarily stable, civil unrest will occur in future , there could not be long avoided.

Under the command of the king of killers , led by the knife , as well as overall responsibility for an ink Skylight Mo secret secret intelligence unit , followed Xie Danqiong , entered the hall .

" I think , handsome wood respected , in order to succeed , we must personally Nuisance by a handsome wood out over the overall situation is ! "

" What's more , this time if it is a strong handsome wood coming , I'm afraid heavenly Court now already gone ."

"His words Damiuburan ! Thank everyone ringleader led a bloody battle , under repeated hardships it created a situation now , beginning to gnaw into the handsome wood , not how to understand the situation, all the troops will rush to the consul-general , I'm afraid unconvincing right, brother believes is chaired by the overall situation is good thank ringleader , day dream cut non TSE ringleader Army headquarters, now is not the ringleader Xie convincing ! "

"Yes, thank ringleader is welcomed ! "

Sure .

A total of just say a few Cheap nfl Jerseys words no , men on both sides for this thing downtown into a group, the smell of gunpowder and more concentrated .

The two sides also probably start Mianhanweixiao , argue , and later on gradually Numuxiangxiang , pound the table stare .

Both Lan Cang Xie Danqiong and wood have not had time to speak, the main hall is already tense , almost going into a fight .