AFGE Firefighters At A Glance

Wood Lan Cang if hastily make all sports Jerseys For Sale a big place, ten million men and horses categorically not agree, we follow you, see you Mutian Lan , may despise what Xie Danqiong ; while Xie Danqiong concede if this step , all the way to the bloody fight even now under their lips do not say , my heart will inevitably dissatisfied .

In case two can be attributed to a contradiction , then that is bad event .

So the two will not be back .

"Wood handsome addition to my boss, I Xiemou people in this life , it never really placing him in under any other person! Moment even though wood handsome in person , but it is no exception ! " Xie Danqiong gentle smile, but discourse reveal attitudes , but it is unwilling to compromise !

Here s not just myself , there's clearly the boss man, who has Mo secret !

Myself here , but on behalf of nine robberies brother, himself a non-related person !

Nine brothers and robbery , has never bow !

I'm definitely not lost brothers face !

Wood Lan Cang instantaneous face changed , slowly: "Is the old lady million years to accumulate prestige , peak levels of repair saint , presided over millions of years of experience in the army , so that really will not be able to thank the brightest and best instincts step in it? "

Xie Danqiong smile : "Yes, these are wooden commander said indisputable fact ; however , handsome wood ; first point I want to argue that you are ......

" Although you have a high-level summit -level repair saint next humbled , but ...... I now have a primary peak level of a saint . This section, although you are weaker than many ...... but , I was only twenty years old now . "

Xie Danqiong looked up , his eyes if spring water , but it is aggressive : "I am practicing this nobody from nothing to the saints primary peak, even if the mother's womb even count the days together , ManDaManSuan will only twenty-six years practicing this handsome wood that you just ...... practice to Cheap nfl Jerseys today's achievements ...... how much time with ? your twenty-six time , what kind of authority? ! "